Together Lives MatterTM


TLM is an Economically-Disadvantage Woman Owned Small Business, whose janitorial products and equipment delivery performance has been active since 2014.  Like the fabled Olympic runner Jessie Owens, "..., he knew how to put it down and pick it up...". Here, Jessie Owens was referring to his feet. In regards to TLM,  we are referring to our skill in applying the use of industrial strength janitorial products. We know how its done to please and to impress our customer!

Give Us The Opportunity to Impress YOU!



Together Lives Matter Janitorial Supplies, consists of both cleaning products and the industrial strength application equipment that can take advantage of their superior cleaning properties. In addition, TLM Janitorial Supplies includes bedding supplies as well and towels of varying sizes and applications.



Together Lives Matter Janitorial Supplies also provides a series of equipment tailor made to handle the industrial custodial care of any magnitude.  Our equipment is industry-proven to make the most demanding custodial jobs, managable.

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"We provide janitorial products and equipment  to facilities in need"